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Late to Bed, Late to Rise


The alarm clock went off 30 minutes ago. You yell at your 14-year old for the fifth time to get out of bed but she whines back, "Leave me alone!" The shower is running at midnight as your 16-year-old decides to do her hair before bed. At 2 am, the television flickers across the living room. Your teen is glued to some movie.

If any of these scenarios are familiar, you're dealing with a teen whose constant complaint is "I'm tired." What do you do when the school bus pulls away and your son or daughter is left standing in the driveway?

Parenting experts talk about defining "who owns the problem." If it is your problem, you need to deal with it. If it is your son or daughter's problem, then he or she needs to deal with it. Rather than constantly yelling at a child to get up and get going, or to go to bed at a reasonable hour - put some solutions in place.

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