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Vacations Your Teens Can Tolerate


By Jeanne Muchnick

Let’s face it: once your kids hit the adolescent years, they become harder to please. Which is why family vacations need to WOW-'em with something special—as well as keep you and the rest of your gang engaged. Some are very high priced; others are more reasonable, and one is tax-deductible. Here, some options that will so enthrall your teen, he or she just might balk at coming home.


Surf ‘n’ Swim

The Place: Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Spa, San Diego, CA

What’s in it for them: Opt for the “Super Suite Vacation” package, and your teen will get private surfing lessons along with spa treatments in the resort’s PBteen Spa room and access to the resort’s PBteen Lounge.

What’s in it for You: Sun. Sand. Spa.

Inside Tip: Donna W. of Plainsboro, NJ suggests renting a car to see the city’s sights when you want a break from the resort.

Expect to Pay: Summer rates start at $309 per person, double occupancy; the Super Suite Vacation package starts at $2,000 for a week.

Details: 619-424-4000; 800-23-LOEWS; .




Readers' Comments

Sam Hannigan 11/12/07

If teens are so fussy that they can’t enjoy a vacation—free food, nice scenery, no homework or chores, then we have reached a sad state. This is just bending over backwards for kids and kids should be grateful for what they get.

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