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    Generation Text

    "Who's Clueless?," an excerpt from Dr. Michael Otis' new book, gives parents a guide to teen vernacular and the intricate vocabulary of texting.

  • Expert Answers: Technology and Media

    Several of our experts — Renee Hobbs, Ph.D. Donna Secor, LMSW, Jennifer Williamson, and Dr. Anthony Wolf — answer your questions about the media messages, technology, and teen behavior.

    Virtually Exposed

    Excerpted from "Me, MySpace, and I: Parenting the Net Generation", by Larry D. Rosen, Ph.D. Compares the expectations and behaviors of Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and the MySpace generation. Teens and tweens are “digital natives,” and we parents are only tourists in this new land they inhabit.

  • Online Entrepreneurs

    The Web has opened doors for teens to make a bundle from online businesses—some legit and some illegal. Find out exactly where your teen’s supplemental income is coming from.

  • The Impact of Media: Teaching Teens to Think for Themselves

    How can parents monitor the deluge of messages teens receive from the Internet, TV, advertising, and other media? What’s the good news about teens’ media multi-tasking, and how can parents encourage and guide them in what they are seeing, hearing, and using?

  • It Takes a Virtual Village: The Blogging Mom Phenomenon

    Mothers have always talked to other mothers about how to raise their kids. Now, they’re doing it online. Find out how blogging moms help each other to raise their teens and how you can be one, too.

  • Keeping Up With Computers: What Does Your Teen Really Need?

    When it comes to upgrading computers, teens want a lot. But what do they really need?

  • Tech Talk For Parents

    A parent's guide to their teens' IMs, texting, cell- and cameraphones, and more.

  • The Truth About

    MySpace, the biggest social networking site around, has attracted teens in droves. Find out what the appeal is and what you can do keep your child safe.

  • ParentingTeensOnline Reviews Three Popular Artists


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