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  • Expert Answers: Depression and Anxiety

    ParentingTeensOnline™ asks Lisa Machoian Ph.D., Michael Schwartzman, Ph.D., and Donna Secor Pennington, LMSW, for answers on teen depression and anxiety.

  • Hot Topics:

    Resources and links on current hot-button teen issues:
    • Teen Breast Health
    • Teens, Tweens and Internet Filters
    • Teens and Prescription Drug Use
    • Teens and Blogging

  • Mirror, Mirror: Teens and Cosmetic Surgery

    The issue of body image and self-esteem is a huge one for teens. Find out how parents can help their children live with their looks and develop a better sense of themselves.

  • Stress Management to Help Teens Cope

    Teens are under so much pressure these days, that high blood pressure and panic attacks are becoming the norm. Schools are finally getting the message that they have to help kids calm down and learn to de-stress. In this article, you‘ll find out what it takes to get your teen breathing easier.

  • Creating a Health Safety Net for Your College Freshman

    Starting the first year of college is tough for every student, but for teens with a medical, emotional or psychological condition, it's important for families to prepare in advance.

  • Correcting Vision While Teens Sleep

    Learn how teens can sleep their way to better vision.

  • How Every Parent Can Fight Teen Obesity

    Child and teen obesity is now a national epidemic – but there are ways to change eating and exercise habits to help your teen and entire family. A nutritionist from Boston Children’s Hospital offers a plan of action.

  • Helping Your Preteens
    Through Puberty

    One day, your son’s voice will change and your daughter will want a bra. How can you smooth the way, both physically and emotionally? ParentingTeensOnline offers sounds advice to guide you and your preteen through puberty.

    A Relentless Hope: Surviving the Storm of Adolescent Depression

    When Nelson’s son was diagnosed with depression, he didn’t know where to turn. But with compassion and understanding, the family was able to combat the illness together.

  • EXPERT VIEW: Breakfast of Champions

    A doctor gives a detailed plan for getting your teen to eat the most important meal of the day--a healthy, energy-filled breakfast.

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