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In This Issue - October 2012

Cover Story:


Dealing With Online Harassment

By Dominic Cappello

Is your teen a victim, bully, or witness online? And what can you do to change it? Read more


Feature Articles:

Sports Injuries: Protect Your Child


Avoid sports injuries in your teen; educate yourself about the signs of overuse.

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Taming the Overachieving Monster


We push our teens too hard, and then they push themselves. Find out how to calm down about your teen being the best.

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Parent to Parent: Breast Cancer in the Family

The stories of two women struggling to keep life normal for their teens while also battling breast cancer.

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Talking to Parents: When Teens Take the Wheel

ParentingTeensOnline talked with parents about how they manage sharing of the family car with their teen driver.

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Teens' Eye View: Breaking Out Is Hard To Do

ParentingTeensOnline talks to teens about the heartbreak of acne.

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Hot Topics:

Resources and links on current hot-button teen issues:
• Teen Breast Health
• Teens, Tweens and Internet Filters
• Teens and Prescription Drug Use
• Teens and Blogging

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Editor's Tidbits:

Short Takes on Teen Topics:
• Home Alone After School May Lead to Crime
• Heavier Kids Don’t Go to School As Much
• SAT Scores Drop
• Social Networking Sites Get Younger

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